Terms & Conditions

Owens Corning maintains a policy of strict compliance with all antitrust laws and trade regulations. Employees of Owens Corning receive regular training to ensure their compliance with these laws and regulations. We trust that as a participant in this interactive web-based forum that you have received appropriate training and will abide by all antitrust laws and trade regulations. Because some of the participants in this forum are competitors your understanding of these laws and regulations is a condition to your participation. By entering into this forum, you expressly acknowledge and agree that you understand all applicable antitrust laws and trade regulations and will strictly comply with them at all times.

Below are some general principles to keep in mind given that competitors may sometimes interact in this forum.

Do not engage in a conversation with a competitor regarding the following:

  • Do not discuss with competitors the pricing of products, costs, discounts, specific customers, industry capacity, terms of sale or profit margins.
  • Do not make announcements or statements about future prices or manufacturing capacity.
  • • Do not discuss how individual companies price or plan to price products in particular geographic markets or product markets, or with particular customers.
  • • Do not discuss sales or production costs statistics.
  • • Do not discuss the level of existing or future inventories.
  • • Do not discuss plans for product innovation.
  • • Do not discuss specific marketing plans.
  • • Do not disclose or discuss any other competitively sensitive information.

Should you have any questions about antitrust laws or trade regulations or the above general principles, you should immediately seek guidance from your legal counsel.

If you observe any interaction which may violate the antitrust laws or trade regulations, you should immediately notify ceeinfo@owenscorning.com (designated host of web-based internet forum).